Cows have grazed on the flat Dutch meadows for centuries. Milk has been available in plentiful supply for hundreds of years therefore and lies at the heart of the flourishing Dutch cheese tradition. This rich dairy heritage gives the Netherlands a unique position in terms of knowledge about dairy products and processes. Knowledge that has been passed down from father to son through the generations and ended up finally in the cheese factories of today. This is where traditional recipes are optimised for large-scale production.

The Netherlands – 150 years of dairy production

During the industrial revolution, dairy factories shot up like mushrooms. Automation made it possible to create local products. Gouda is recognised by the European Union as a unique local product and is reputed around the world for its specific flavour. In addition to the traditional art of cheese-making, the Netherlands acquired unique knowledge about industrial cheese production processes. During the last 50 years, Dutch dairy expertise has become part of the intellectual capital of universities and specialist colleges where this knowledge has been enhanced even further. It is now time to apply this knowledge worldwide in order to recreate a balance between those places where there is a surplus of dairy products and those where there is a scarcity.

Innovative instinct

The eternal quest for innovative solutions is part of our DNA. We endlessly carry out successful innovative projects in the field of product development, product processing and distribution process optimisation. Thanks to our expertise we are able to constantly tap into new product market combinations and market segments both at home and abroad. So that we really bridge the gap between the world of surplus dairy products and the world that suffers from a scarcity of dairy products.

From core to more

Our philosophy at MAAZ is based on essentials. Responding to needs and creating value: reaching the core and working together to ensure we fulfil our potential and produce diversity.

We have combined all these theories and philosophies into our corporate maxim: from core to more. ‘Core’ stands for the source of all milk and knowledge about milk – the heart of our land of dairy. The conclusion of all of this – a rich variety of dairy solutions – is translated into ‘to more’. We take a human stance to build a bridge between the world of surplus dairy products and knowledge and the world where there is a scarcity of quality dairy products and expertise. In short: we are driven from the heart to help others. This is our corporate goal.


The ultimate goal of MAAZ is to share its knowledge and experience with companies all over the world. Our dairy experts offer their assistance and they can be called in to help on a project by project basis. This enables us to forge partnerships with you. A commitment we fulfil by providing advice and assistance throughout the whole dairy chain: from the origins of the milk to marketing the end-product. So that we are able to help you achieve your goals.