High Yield Milk Powder

High Yield Milk Powder (HYMP) is a dairy product made with premium milk. Unlike ordinary milk powder HYMP can be transformed into milk that is ideally suitable for production of high-quality cheese. Essential nutrients are preserved during the production process.

Top-quality cheese

It is possible to produce high-quality cheese using HYMP that is comparable to Gouda Holland (BGA) and Edammer. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose for a full-fat cheese although it is also possible to produce cheeses with other degrees of fat content. One thing is for sure however and that is that HYMP leaves you completely free to produce cheese that can hold its own against some of the best cheeses in the world.

Properties of HYMP

HYMP is multi-purpose sustainable raw material for making high-quality dairy products. It can be used for instance as a substitute when there are shortfalls in milk production. This is particularly interesting for cheese producers in regions where milk supplies fluctuate due to extreme weather conditions.


The price of milk powder is less sensitive to price fluctuations than ordinary milk. With HYMP, MAAZ is able to market a sustainable product that provides a solution for countries that suffer from drastic shortages of dairy products. By exporting HYMP, we bridge the gap between the world of surplus dairy production and countries where there is insufficient supply of high-quality dairy products. We are thus able to offer countries with low dairy production a simple and relatively cheap way of making Dutch cheese and of distributing this via local sales channels.


MAAZ has the expertise and experience in house to help your company to integrate HYMP processes successfully. We provide assistance throughout the whole process, from the initial plans to the implementation, quality guarantee and marketing.

The advantages HYMP

  • Continuous supply of high-quality milk (365 days per year).
  • No daily transport costs of milk from farmer to factory.
  • No extra risk with regards the quality of the milk due to a lack of refrigeration facilities.
  • No extra costs for collection of milk and controls in the laboratory.
  • No additional staff costs.
  • No extra costs for machinery.
  • Possibility of deciding oneself on the composition of the milk powder (e.g. high-quality, high fat and protein content, very low bacterial count).
  • Expert assistance from MAAZ in providing products with added value.

Product variants

Special cow

Made with premium cow’s milk and produced according to the highest standards.
Guaranteed by MAAZ.

Special goat

Made with premium goat’s milk and produced according to the highest standards.
Guaranteed by MAAZ.


It is also possible to create a blend of cow and goat’s milk. By varying the fat content of the above, the number of possibilities is more or less infinite.

Professional assistance

MAAZ works with intense focus on a wide range of innovative products and solutions for the dairy industry all over the world. If you find yourself with a challenge regarding a dairy issue or if you have some projects related to dairy products that you would like to carry out, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will work together with you and put together a team of dairy experts for you that will focus completely on your request or query. Here is a brief glimpse of the dairy solutions and professional assistance that we can adapt to meet your specific situation:

Creation and optimisation of production processes

The quality of your end-product depends on the quality of your production processes. Our people are specialists in translating the traditional art of cheese making into outstanding industrial processes. We help you to take the quality of your production line to a higher level so that you can respond speedily and effectively to new opportunities. Together, we do all we can to guarantee the most delicious cheese. We can help you with process technology, automation, laboratory design, robotisation and microbiology, to name but a few.

Optimisation of machinery

We are completely at home in this field and know how to ensure that you get the very best results from raw materials and your human resources. You can take advantage of this knowledge to ensure optimal production capacity.

Assistance in producing cheese

Our experts are happy to help you with your cheese production. This may involve optimising recipes, adjusting your production processes to meet HACCP norms, producing for EU markets or implementing a sustainable operational plan. We are there to help you. A glimpse at some of the solutions: assistance with creating recipes, ripening processes, upgrading and quality guarantees.

Starting up a completely new production location

MAAZ is also there to stand by you with assistance for the creation of brand new production units or just calling in building management specialists.

Assortment management

We have experience in the field of supply and demand. We recognise developments in the marketplace and have the specialist expertise required to respond effectively to market conditions. This experience puts you in a position to adapt your production processes to provide the perfect response to market demand.

MAAZ experts will advise you in how to optimise your assortment. We work alongside you to see which product range will give you the best returns and we will help you to implement and start up new production timetables. This gives you the advantage of benefitting more speedily from efficiency and higher profits.

Packaging, marketing and communications

You can also call on us for advice and assistance with packaging, marketing and communication solutions that set you head and shoulders above the crowd. Wherever you are in the world.