MAAZ’s success in Ukraine

From 50 tons to 500 tons per year in four months’ time


Our dairy experts visited the factory a number of times to make a baseline assessment, which was the basis for all proposed solutions.

Conclusions MAAZ solutions
1 Poor quality of raw materials Irregular supply resulting in inefficient operation: this leads to additional costs and poor delivery reliability for customers. HYMP (High Yield Milk Powder) is a good solution because of its consistently high quality, stock reliability and its efficient and reliable production process.
2 Outdated and unhygienic production climate Renovating the cheese factory, pressing room and packaging department with a new wall and floor tiles.
3 Outdated recipes which are not suitable for efficient production of high-quality cheese. New recipes were developed, new ingredients and additives implemented
4 Outdated machines Drainage bowl and cheese press were refurbished and a clear manual/instruction was formulated. The results were then checked by our experts
5 Unhygienic production material Purchase of plastic containers based on MAAZ specifications and advice
6 Lack of professional knowledge Intensive on-site training: educating cheese makers and a technical specialist. Recruit employees for key positions, including a location manager and a technical service chief.
7 No storage facilities Information and advice about the realisation of the cheese warehouse, including maintenance instructions
8 Inadequate packaging of final product Provide comprehensive information about packaging machines and the way in which finished products are to be packaged

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