Our origins

The Netherlands is the richest land of dairy products in the world. With great heritage of milk and vast knowledge about milk. MAAZ has set itself the mission of sharing this wealth of knowledge about dairy products and processes with the rest of the world. Our aim is to market it and distribute it so that other countries and organisations can benefit from it. Through our products, and above all by sharing our expertise. We achieve this via a team of professionals each of whom has extensive experience acquired during long, successful careers in the dairy industry.

Our insight

With combined practical experience of more 250 years, we are proud to describe ourselves as an authority in the dairy sector with a specific focus on cheese. We have acquired this authority by bringing together specialists and proven expertise in entrepreneurship, products, chains and knowledge of different markets. In other words: we know the ins and outs of the dairy world and know how to successfully transform this knowledge into practical solutions that can be implemented all over the world. Irrespective of – or perhaps because of – specific local circumstances. This may take the form of making an existing production line more profitable or designing a completely new cheese factory.

Step into the world of MAAZ

In this movie we’ll bring you to the land of the cows. And to the land of unique dairy knowledge.

Vision and mission

The Netherlands is a tremendous powerhouse of knowledge about the dairy industry. We think that this knowledge can help provide solutions to dairy problems around the world. This is why we want to connect the world that has the advantage of considerable knowledge and sufficient volumes of high-quality milk with the world where these are less prevalent.

Our mission at MAAZ is to achieve a world in which material and immaterial values relating to dairy products and processes can be shared more fairly. This is our way of contributing to solving the problems facing food distribution around the world.

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Matthieu Zijerveld


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